The Indian Palace

The Indian food is not just curry, but is as diverse as the country. The secret of Indian cuisine lies not only in the large selection of spices, but above all, to match up, coordinate and treat them carefully during cooking to unfold their full flavour.

What makes us special

In comparison to many other restaurants we do not just rely on tradition but also open to modern influences. Therefore we extend our team every four years with new chefs – full of inspiration – from India. Take your time to discover state of the art Indian cuisine on the highest level.


Every dish is prepared individually by our team just right after the guest’s order – this is part of our philosophy.

Each dish – an artwork

Discover the art of Indian cuisine

For the preparation of the dishes in the Indian cuisine there is a special tandoor (charcoal oven). This special tandoor oven is usually pitcher-shaped and lined with a made ​​of fired clay cavity. The deck is provided with ignited firewood. The Indian curry is not, however, to be equated with the well-known European spice mixture. Rather, it is a combination of different spices – each individually – always tastes different.


In our restaurant, we cook only with the finest and freshest ingredients to pamper you with healthy and delicious food. We are always trying to come back to our guests as friends, as

an Indian proverb says:

The smile that you send out comes back to you.